Sourcing Trip

We guide and advise you on a sourcing-shopping trip where you can explore all the hand-crafted products during your stay in Bali.

Sourcing and Buying

Our services assist overseas buyers in their locating, selecting, ordering and shipping of Balinese and Indonesian furniture, artwork, handicraft, home ware and garments.

Minimum Order and Pricing

  1. Minimum total order is US$ 4,000. If less than US$ 4,000 orders are subject to US$ 100, excluding shipping invoice.
  2. Prices quoted are based on manufacturers / suppliers prices in Bali.


  1. We require 50% deposit to commence the production upon receipt of the orders, and balance payment prior to completion date.
  2. Orders will only commence once funds have cleared into Orchid Buying Agent Bali’s account.
  3. Orders will be collected and undergo quality inspection once balance payment has been received into our account.
  4. No cancelation is accepted once production of orders have commenced.

Payment Terms

Payment can be made by Telegraphic transfer to USD account and will be automatically converted into Rupiah account based on the exchanged rate of the day.

International bank correspondence charges apply to our bank, from US$ 25 to US$ 30. Please ensure payment is received in full amount into our account.

Production time

Production times vary according to the type and numbers of items ordered, volume of goods, variety of the manufacturers and factory’s capacity.  Production times are commonly between 6 weeks to 10 weeks, and 2 weeks should be allowed for quality control and replacement any rejected goods. Most of the goods are made to order.  We will advise of the specific production times of your products at the time your order is placed.

Quality Control

We will inspect and report on the quality of the goods and ensure that they comply with your pre-determined standards. In cases where goods fail to meet your standards, we will report to you and discuss further action to be taken. In cases where an urgent decision is required, we will take into consideration all known facts and make a decision as to whether to accept or reject the products and advise you accordingly. As best as possible, we act as your eyes and ears, helping to make sound decisions on your investment. In all cases, we will endeavor to give detailed information of any products deemed to be suspect before accepting or rejecting the products.

Our Fees

Our fees are 15% of the total invoices from the manufacturers.  The fee is for the work conducted on your behalf such as product sourcing, the placing of orders, following up of the orders and quality control.

Sampling Terms

Customers who request samples will be charged a sample fee and freight cost. Commonly, a master sample cost will be charged at 2 to 3 times the production price; prices will of course be revised for the product itself. Further details will be checked with the manufacturer.

Delivery and Warranty

As a representative agent for your orders made trough us, we do our very best to take care of your orders. However, we are unable to guarantee the order once it has been dispatched and shipped. Shipping insurance will be your responsibility but we are able to help you arrange this. Normally, insurance will be 2% of value of the goods.

In the event that damaged products are received; please send us notification of damages within 48 hours of receiving the goods, along with photographs. We will need this to begin the insurance claim process, which can take 4 weeks.

Shopping Tours

We encourage you to take a shopping tour during your visit, to source and buy products available in Bali. The shopping tour charges are as follows:

  1. Full Day    : 8 hours – Rp. 950.000 / US$ 80 max. 2 persons.
  2. Half day     : 4 hours – Rp. 750.000 / US$ 60 max. 2 persons.

The charge includes transport, a driver and myself. I will take photographs and notes (including prices and sizes) of the products you are interested in.  We will provide a complete list, comprising of photographs descriptions and prices. If you would like to proceed with an order, we will be able discuss this before your departure or you can review the order once you have returned home.

When you are ready to order – please send the list back to Orchid Buying agent and we will provide an invoice.

Our Role

Our role is to source new products, source suppliers, liaise with manufacturers and suppliers, place orders, schedule payments, monitor production, communicate with clients and suppliers as required, and report on the progress during production. Once goods are completed, our quality controllers inspect the goods and, after approval, the shipping company arranges collection, packing and prepares the goods for shipping.

Collection, packing and shipping charges are invoiced separately.

We personally inspect all products and oversee packing, once final payment is received. Whilst every effort is made to find any flaws, Orchid Buying agent Bali cannot be held responsible for manufacturing flaws, errors in colouration, size variations or production errors.


Insurance is available on all goods and is calculated at 2% of the total invoice value. The policy covers any damage caused to goods during shipping. The policy only covers the value of goods being shipped, not costs associated with shipping or the cost of reshipping replacement items.